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Enter Player 2 Hetalia!Edit

Welcome to the fan-made 2P! Hetalia wiki, where you will find out more about the counterparts of the original Nations of Hetalia. Based off the "Another Color" by Hidekaz Himaruya for Nyotalia and the original Hetalia nations, this wiki is dedicated to the fandom's interpretations of each nation as another colour (More commonly known as 2P). Content on this wiki is based around the fandom's interpretation of the characters, which may change in time. If you are looking for the 2p! Nyo! Page, click here.

The AlliesEdit

* America

* Canada

* China

* England

* France

* Russia

Axis PowersEdit

* Germany

* Japan

* Northern Italy

* Southern Italy

The NordicsEdit

* Finland

* Denmark

* Iceland

* Norway

* Sweden


* Austria Edit

* Belarus

* Greece

* Hungary

* Poland

* Spain

* Ukraine

* Romania

Former CountriesEdit

* Holy Roman Empire

* Prussia

              Grandpa Rome

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