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Known as Canada.

He is a member of the Allies, but has a pension of being forgotten (referencing how most Canadian activities during WW2 were sectioned off as being British instead).

He is America's brother, yet it is unknown who among the two is the eldest or if they are in fact twins.

Player 2Edit

2P! Canada is a fandom interpretation of the Hetalia webcomic/anime character of "another color".

His human name varies at times, but is most often seen to be Matt, or sometimes James, Williams.


2P! Canada has the same ahoge as his counterpart, but his hair is longer (going down just past his shoulders) and is a darker strawberry blonde, pulled back into a messy ponytail. Often times, he is depicted with a small amount of stubble on his face. His eyes are violet, and tend to have tired-looking bags underneath, but it's sometimes obscured by sunglasses that he wears occasionally. He's pretty heavily scarred in some places, especially his chest, which has long gashes across it (most commonly assumed to be from a bear).

He is most commonly shown wearing red flannels with jeans or sometimes a Mountie uniform. Also known to have to wear reading glasses.


Tumblr mnr563Wtqx1qg13vpo1 1280

- Drawn by Spacedrunk, Tumblr

The fandom has one main portrayal of him, though there are fluctuations between aspects of his personality, there are a lot of common traits.

A gruff asocial, 2p!Canada is generally portrayed as looking grumpy and intimidating, though his personality doesn't quiet match up with his initial appearance. Though he can be a bit of a grouch, he's generally portrayed to actually be pretty laid back and calm. He has a hard time expressing himself, especially around strangers, so he tends to be a little rough around the edges in conversation. He does have a bit of a temper (and can be more than a little aggressive once angered), and is protective of close family, but all in all he'd rather spend his time enjoying some quiet by himself.

A common trait in portrayals is how protective he is of his 1p!, though it varies on whether or not it's actually a fully fledged crush. His relationship with his father-figure (2p!England) is actually pretty good. He's very close and protective of his 'Pops' and generally is portrayed to get along with him better than his brother (2p!America) does, to the point of almost being a 'daddy's boy'. Although him and 2p!America bicker and fight a lot and generally get on each other's nerves, they both do care for eachother, his brother is definitely one of 2p!Canada's soft spots, and he would do anything to protect him, though doesn't like to show it.


Often portrayed to have a hidden affection for romance novels.  

He's also quite the animal lover, and absolutely softens up around any cute or tiny animal.  

He often smokes to relieve stress, much like France does. Other descriptions will say he smokes weed.

Weapon Edit

Most portrayals of 2p Canada show him fighting with a bloody hockey stick.




2p nyotalia canada

2P! Nyotalia Canada

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