A page listing common traits found in most 2P! Interpretations. Includes some visual examples.



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Example: Almost all the 2P Nordics are clad in red

A lot of 2P!s for some reason have red, most commonly in the form of red eyes. However, even if red eyes are not present sometimes red clothes are used instead. All 5 of the Nordics have both red eyes and clothes in most interpretations.

The reason for this cliche may stem from the common trope of red eyes being associated with evil, or because red is the colour of blood.

Darker ClothesEdit

If their clothes aren't all red, they are usually darker in colour. A prime example is 2P Japan, who's 1P is clad in white, while 2P Japan is clad in black.


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Example: 2p Prussia covered in scars

Oddly, many 2Ps have scars, possibly to make them look tougher. This is usually used for 2Ps that are given a more warrior or bloodthirsty personality such as 2P Turkey, who rather than being an evil version of 1P Turkey, is a manifestation of Turkey's darker history.




Example: 2P Spain, being very grouchy indeed

Many 2Ps, rather than being outright evil or crazy, are simply turned into grouchy, meaner versions of themselves. 2P France for example, is a manifestation of negative French stereotypes of rudeness, and shows signs of apathy towards other characters.

Cheerful MurdererEdit

No, being violent isn't enough for some 2P!s. They have to be happy and cheerful about it. The most notable of this cliche is England, and it also is included in many interpretations of Italy.


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Example: 2P Ukraine cleaning up blood while in a "sexy" pose

2P versions are often depicted as more violent that their 1P counterparts. This also includes excessive blood, cannibalism (2P England and sometimes 2P Italy), and murderous traits.

Variation: Sexy ViolenceEdit

Some 2P artists use violence as a sexualized cosmetic for the characters. This is not exclusive to the 2P fandom, as it has also been used for creepypasta fan art, but it is not uncommon to see it in the Hetalia fandom and 2P Hetalia fandom.

Reverse PersonalityEdit

A well known difference is sometimes a 2P will simply be the exact opposite of their 1P counterpart. A well-known example is 2P Germany, who unlike hard-working 1P Germany, is lazy.

Reverse StereotypesEdit

Reverse Stereotype 2Ps usually embody the opposite of their 1P counterpart, but while still embodying stereotypes of that nation. 2P Canada, for example, while the opposite of 1P Canada, embodies older stereotypes of Canadians as manly outdoorsmen.

Variation: Two Sides Same CoinEdit


2p and 1p Japan embodying two different sides of Japan's history

Two Sides Same Coin is when a 2P version of a character represents all the darker traits of their nation's culture and history. Notable examples include the 2P versions of France, Japan, and Turkey.