2p Finland is a fan interpretation of the hetalia character Finland. There are multiple interpretations of him, as he is a fan-made character and there are many variations. This is simply one of them, but is commonly used. A commonly used name for him is Thurston Väinämöinen.



Red Version

He is commonly depicted as more aggressive than 1p Finland. He is also less social and far less optimistic than his 1p counterpart. Unlike his 1p, he seems to be not very fond of the other Nordics.

2p Finland has an unknown and mysterious relationship with 2p Russia. They have been known to stare each other down until the someone blinks or mumble remarks towards one another. The only 2ps that have seemed to have noticed 2ptalia wise are 2p Sweden and 2p China. When someone mentions his 1p, he'll call his 1p "White" instead of his country/human name. His relationship with 2p Sweden can vary depending on who is interpretating it; some can perceive them as not being very fond of each other, while others have 2p Finland act quite aggressively towards 2p Sweden but in a "loving" way (similar to that of 1p Belarus)


2p Finland is often depicted as a very similar build to his 1p, wearing the same style uniform and having a similar hair style. His hair is paler than his 1p's however and his eyes are often shown as red, although whether he is an albino or not is not widely agreed on. He wears a similar uniform to 1p Finland, but it is commonly shown as red instead of blue. He sometimes carries his sniper with him.

He also tends to have a scowl or a very grumpy look on his face causing most to steer clear of him.

Common 2p! TraitsEdit

There doesn't seem to be much a large group of people can agree on yet.


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