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Secondary Finland refers to an entity sometimes called '2P!Finland'. Every interpretation for 2P's are different, but this one is simply the most popular. This interpretation of 2P Finland's name is Antero Jussi Nykänen, and is demiromantic, demisexual ( has a high preference for men ), and as well as polyamorous.

Personal Characterization Edit

Antero is a distant man upon first meeting. Rather giving a cold shoulder towards strangers, trying his awful best not to converse with whomever happens to be talking to him and have to strain himself to give awkward small talk. But once getting to know him, he can be a caring man towards aspects. He is all in for equality amongst preferences and identities and is a great male supporter of feminism. Antero can give a cheery attitude when in a good mood, he is able to express happiness around people he is comfortable with, but will, however, deject his smiles when in public. Although he’s able to be positive, the Finnish man is usually an individual of sorrow and melancholy. Depression sticks inside the man’s heart and is ever changing and evolving, making it hard for him surpass it as it is a heavy weight upon his shoulders. Not only that, but he is diagnosed with sheer anxiety and PTSD due to his service in the military and fighting in wars against Russia. All and all, he can be a good man, but he has his ups and downs.

Appearance Edit

There are many things about the Finnish man that are quite noticeable in his appearance, his waves of white hair, due to him being born as an albino, that layer on his head and stretch to the very end of his back, his numerous piercings in his complexion, his short height of mere 5’2” ( 157 cm ), the simple stubble that pokes and stretches from his jawline to his chin- But what can be noticed the most is his lack of an arm as well as a leg. Antero is indeed, a double amputee. The cause of this is simply due to major landmass lost after the wars he had participated in. Yes, he does have prosthetics to help him when walking and using hand to hand things, but he also supplies a wheelchair for times when he gives himself a break of the prosthetic limbs. Antero’s usual attire consists of a plain turtleneck, some jeans, and rather.. Old man looking shoes, all colored in black
Mfw communist finlands
of course. He prefers to keep his looks in tip-top shape, so make-up as well as fancied up nails are a common thing to see.

Ending Summary Edit

Although the common portrayal of 2ps are to be made murderous and blood seeking killers, Antero is not in any way, shape, or form either of those. He is his own man with his own personality and traits, and doesn't take the standardized appearance of what most 2ps are made out to be.

Credits Edit

This interpretation of 2pFinland belongs to tumblr user ask2pfinland. All art and information has been provided and given by them.

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