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2p Molossia is a fan interpretation of the Hetalia manga/anime character of "another color".

A common human name people use for him is Morro Jameson.



2p Molossia is portrayed with blonde hair that is mostly slicked up. He wears a blue jacket with white shirt and a light blue tanktop underneath it. He wears blue pants and black shoes. He has black shades but they are circle shaped. He prefers his hair slicked up so that the wind does not blow it in his eyes when he is on the farm growing crops.


When he is by himself, he is very grumpy, grumbling to himself as he is gardening. When encountered by the Micronations, however, his personality changes into a very happy and uplifting mood. He is very nice to everyone he sees, unlike his 1p. He really wants to make friends, but, being on a remote part of America, it's very hard for him to do so. When Sealand and the others come across him, he is very happy and begs on his knees to become friends with them. They give in (finally) and become friends with the American micronation. He is very optimistic, unlike his 1p, thinking on the bright side of things when something goes horribly wrong. He is also a bit egotistic, being the "leader" of the Micronation group since nobody else wanted to do so.

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