2P! Nyotalia America, often known as Amber F. Jones, Ashlyn F. Jones, or other names is the female counterpart of Allen (2p America). Although her appearance is official, her personality is only depicted by fans.

Appearance Edit

2P! Nyo America has dark red or velvet eyes and auburn or brown hair, with black sunglasses sitting on top of her head. almost same as her counterpart but with a lighter coat on top. She wears a bomber jacket similar to 1P! America and a white shirt, which is tied up above her belly button. She wears ripped shorts, brown boots and a pair of gloves. 2P! Nyo America wears a necklace around her neck and is often depicted with a nail-filled baseball bat called The Monroe doctrine

Personality Edit

1.She's a nice girl (when she wants to be, that is). Like her counterpart, she always gets into street fights in which she usually uses her baseball bat in. She does not always use her fists in fights but when she does it is usually when she does not have her bat handy but still prefers using her bat as opposed to her fists.

2.Like her counterpart, she is a vegetarian or vegan (depending on fan). She also holds a love for animals, mostly stray cats or dogs, as they remind her of herself when she was a child(was used to fending for self(before she began to trust 2p!Nyo!England), felt truly alone in the world, and didn't fully understand people or how they acted).

3.She has a delinquent attitude like her counterpart. She is arrogant, clever, and quick to anger. She is somewhat rash in her decisions and often gets into fights because of this. She tries to not show any weaknesses so people will leave her alone. She hates sympathy. For her, walls are built easier than they are  broken.

4.Like her counterpart she is a complete flirt. She tries extremely hard to not actually like the ones she leads on, but she ends falling in love anyways. She believes that love is a good thing that can happen, but also is a distraction from more "important" aspects of life. She knows getting involved with humans is asking for trouble (being a sacred rule among the nations(1p,2p,Nyo, or otherwise) to not become attached to nor form bonds with regular people), but the finding of loopholes within stuffy old rulebooks numbs the eventual pain,  right?

5. Though she tends to be quick to react she does however think about her decisions. She just at the moment more than likely doesn't care of the consequences. It's not the fact that she is completely rash,it tends to be on more deeper topics that she does tend to act first than think,such as someone threatening her friend,family or safety. Though she is depicted as a bit of a scatterbrain she does this so that nobody truly gets to know her on a deeper level,after all...that would be breaking the wall no?

6. She is an infamous woman amoung the British bloodline and will kill who she likes when she likes. In fact, she can easily identify as a sociopath due to her anger management issues and tendencies to spontaneously destroy. However, inside is just a hurt rendition of this brutal woman. A seraphim cracked and wounded seeking retribution for her scars yet escape from the night terrors through blood lust. Even though usually grumpy, worn out or tired, she can be QUITE the actor, instantaneously spilling fake tears whenever their needed or displaying a sickeningly sweet smile if the time is right. She can hide happiness and glee as well as she can cover up sorrow, anguish and nostalgia. Like her counterpart, she has a weak spot for animals, especially dogs and is a proclaimed vegan. She gets upset if an animal is treated poorly or cruelly but hates bugs. In fact, she believes that spiders are demons summoned to torment her. Among that anxiety, she also has a fear of paranormal entities. When she was much younger and under the care of Olivia ( 2p nyo England ), they once lived in a house infested by a singular poltergeist that went unnoticed until it sent a butcher knife hurtling at her head within the night.

Common 2P! Traits Edit

It is common for the Second Player to be portrayed as murderous, sociopathic and possibly insane. To most, they are a darker version of the original Nations. However, because the Original Nations can be portrayed the same way by the fandom, how much hold this has depends on the person making the story.

2p! Nyo! America uses her bat to protect her friends, herself, or to (get herself mixed up in other people's problems) help people .

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