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2p england and 2p russia by kotana poltergeist-d61swof

2p! Russia with 2p!england

Known as the Russian Federation ((Российская Федерация) Rossiyskaya Federatsiya), dubbed as Russia.

Russia is a part of the allies, often hinting at being a bigger threat than the Axis. Though dubbed as Russia, he represents the Soviet Union during WW2.

Russia is the younger brother of Ukraine and older brother to Belarus. In his youth, he suffered constant invasions from Teutonic Knights, as well as being tormented by General Winter (the personification of a Russian winter during wartime). He has a very mistrustful relationship with America, brought on during the Cold War.

Player 2Edit

2P!Russia is a fan interpretation of the Hetalia manga/anime character of the "Another Color," or 2p, universe. Being a lesser known Player 2, he is not as developed in the terms of appearance or personality as some of the more popular characters.

His human name is Viktor Braginsky. It could also be Ion, Demetri, or Ivon. Some have his surname as Bogdanov.


Because Russia is not known in the fandom, he doesn't have a set appearance. Often he is portrayed as having red, brown, or black hair, though sometimes he keeps the same hair as his counterpart. His eye color, however, seems to be universally agreed to be crimson.

His clothes have further variations as his scarf is often seen as grey or red, and, less often, black or white. The condition of the clothing often varies from high quality to being milled at the ends. Generally, he dresses in blacks and reds, often shown with a black variant of his counterpart's overcoat with red trim.

His weapon of choice is a shovel or pistols, though sometimes he's seen with a water pipe like his Counterpart.


Russia is often portrayed as the stoic, quiet type. He does not speak often, usually preferring not to speak at all. He is portrayed as serious and mature and lacks the aura of his psychotic counterpart. 

He has a distrust of people and prefers solitude over the company of other people, or so he says.

He can be very bitter, with blunt honesty, and replies with sarcasm to anything he deems stupid. Additionally, he is shown as judgmental and incredibly serious. Unlike his Player 1, he's rather difficult to embarrass, as he's perfected the art of the "poker face".

It is often suggested that he keeps his heart outside of his chest because, like his counterpart's, it tends to fall out, and he considers it to be a nuisance.

He is known to be a softy if you break past his VERY thick outer wall. Almost to the point people like to call him a large teddy bear. He can be very hateful and murderous when made angry. He also doesn't have an obsestion with China.


Some variations of 2p Russia show him with a liking for bombs and explosions, the field of nuclear science, and/or astronomy.

It is debated whether or not he is a smoker. He is shown to be something of a heavy drinker, though not as much as his counterpart. He tends to have beer more often than vodka.

General 2P! traitsEdit

It is common for Player 2s to be portrayed as murderous, sociopathic and possibly insane. To most, they are a darker version of the original Nations. However, because the Original Nations can be portrayed the same way by the fandom, how much hold this has depends on the person making the story.

Russia is often shown to have a taste in manipulation over brute force. 


There was a sketch released on Himaruya's blog, it was never official and did not become canon as the sketch was not finalized. The sketch was under the 2p! files. One concept shows him somewhat modest and shy, he is holding a shovel and wearing a fuzzy hat. He wears many layers of winter clothing and a longer scarf. Another concept is him wearing a flashy military uniform with lots of medals and a military hat with a brim. For once he's not wearing his scarf and holding a pistol with a long cape down his back. The final concept is him wearing a thick coat and holding bundles of sunflowers. He wears a fuzzy hat and is smiling and cheerful, still wearing his scarf.



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