2P!Sealand is a fan interpretation of the Hetalia anime/manga character

His human name can be Paul or Arnold Kirkland.

Appearance Edit

He has red/orange hair and green eyes. He hates wearing 'kids costumes'. His clothes are commonly very Canadian like. Sometimes he is seen with a Canadian axe.


A version that is somewhat known goes like this: Like his 1p, he isn't considered an actual nation, and not taken very seriously. He's a bit on the tsundere side when it comes to interacting with people, and can seem a bit cold a lot of the time with heavy emotion. Deep down though, he's not too bad but he tends to keep his bad side out more often.  He secretly enjoys helping 2p!England with baking.

In some other versions, Sealand hates anything to do with the sea and couldn't care less about being noticed as a nation. He hates everyone but Oliver (2P!England). He trains a lot, much like his 1p!, but simply for the sake of wanting to do so. He keeps a pet rat as the counter to the fact that Peter has a hamster.

He really, really, really likes västerbottensostpaj, (what is that??) (its a cheese pie) especially when 2P! Sweden makes it for him.

He hates Spongebob, finding him annoying.  He instead favors Chucky from Child's Play. He prefers Slasher/Thrillers over kids shows or movies.

He may also hate Broadway and enjoy studying history. Sometimes, he may enjoy amusement parks and take pictures

He has a teddy bear that resembles 2p!England, given to him as a gift. He keeps it in his room.

He once disguised as 2p!Canada to get into a meeting, much to his disturbance.

He does not like his 1P counterpart and looks down upon him, much like the other 2P's. A lot of the time he doesn't care about his 1p.*

  • As he was left alone on his country by 2p!England one day he soon became extremely sad and keep telling himself"I’m not alone" but as days became month it soon becomes clear Oliver may not be coming back. So he planted some trees to remind him of his home in England.