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His human name is Flavio Vargas.


He is physically similar to his counterpart, yet leaner in build and paler in complexion. Popular depictions show him with bright blonde hair, and black colored eyes due to a disease called Mydriasis.

He is often portrayed as wearing a white designer suit with a scarf that varies in color depending on interpretation (blue, red, pink).

He usually wears designer shades, often rose or blue colored ones.


Southern Italy's personality can vary.

He is much like his brother's counterpart, 1P! Northern Italy; cheerful, energetic, with a high taste in fashion. He is, however, less cowardly and far more manipulative. He can be whiny, a crybaby, or sometimes, VERY feminine. He's also sassy and loves kidding around.

He's almost always happy, cheerful, and bubbly until someone disturbs his happiness. He is aggressive when angered, though he does tend to be a lot more calm around children and small animals. He tends to take on the 'overly protective older brother' role often, much to his brother's dismay.

He has a hobby for fashion designing and takes great pride in his appearance. He will usually be seen wearing fancy/flashy outfits.

South Italy enjoys fashion, modeling, cooking and doting on his younger brother.

He's not really fond of the possibility of his clothes getting stained by them.

He is a god of perfection among men.

Common 2P! Traits Edit

It is unfortunately common for 2P!s to be portrayed as murderous, sociopaths, and insane. To most, they are not evil, darker version of the original "1p" nations, that does not exclude Flavio. He is very feminine and loves to deal with fashion. He is also known to deal with drugs and knives, and upon occasion, has some yandere traits. He is known for keeping his s/o in a cage like a pet if they disobey him, and will not let them leave the house.


  • Unlike his counterpart, he will gladly eat any foreign food as long as he sees that it is fit enough for him.
  • His hair is naturally brown, bleached.
  • He participates in many kinky activities, such as BDSM, boot worship, and much more.


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