2P!Taiwan is a fan interpretation of the Hetalia manga/anime character of "Another Color".

Her name is (currently) Ming Yue.

Appearance Edit

In most interpretations, 2p! Taiwan looks a few years younger than her counterpart. Her hair is around shoulder-length and is usually seen as a dark brown or black color. Ming wears a red/pink accessory that contributes to her "youthful look". Since Ming is unhappy with her height, she wears a very short Cheongsam and high heels so she could make her legs stand out more. Ming takes pride in her appearance.

(NOTE: Ming's appearance may vary since she is underdeveloped.)


The fandom doesn't really have a personality for her, though there are ideas of her personality based off of her appearance.

Ming is apathetic unlike her counterpart who is a constant "worrywart" . Since Ming doesn't have a care for anything, it causes people to see her as "lazy" or "inconsiderate".

Similar to 2p! Japan, she wants things her way, and doesn't care if anyone else disagrees. 

Ming usually is quiet, but when she feels like it, she says rude and clever remarks that usually contain private or inappropriate information; because of that, people don't stay around her for very long. Ming has a lot of unique "burns" or "funny/rude comebacks". 

Ming knows at least 3 things about everyone which can cause her to be secretly cocky and sneaky.

Ask 2p taiwan 1 by hetalia taiwan-d70x8vs

2p! Taiwan spilling her counterpart's secret.

Ming doesn't have a close relationship with her family. For example, she and 2p! China barely communicate and he sees her as a "useless object." 2p! Japan and her would get along because of their personalities. Because her counterpart gets along with Vietnam, it is safe to assume that 2p! Taiwan and 2p! Vietnam have some kind of relationship. However, around 2p! Hong Kong she is a new person.

Unlike her counterpart which has a nice "kawaii" look, Ming has a "don't-bother-me-or-i'll-kill-you" look and she hates everyone so she doesn't want or need friends.

Common 2P!Traits Edit

It is common for the Second Player to be portrayed as murderous, sociopathic and possibly insane. To most, they are a darker version of the original Nations. However, since she is underdevolped, it is possible that she goes on solo killing sprees without anyone knowing.

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