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Warning: This wiki is outdated. Please check out The New 2p Hetalia Wiki to be sure you have all of the correct facts.

2p America is a fan interpretation of the Hetalia webcomic/anime character of "Another Color". His appearance is based off his 2p Nyotalia counterpart.

The most common human name used for him is 'Allen' or 'Al' with Jones as his surname.


2p America is a pupper

2p America is shown to use nicknames, since he never really bothers to learn someone's name. He calls people mostly 'dickface' or 'dick' and maybe 'harambe', occasionally 'bobert the fiddle..' if it's one of his good frens..... But when it comes to his counter part having his dick out for APH Austria, he responds with the blessed saying 'Dicks out for Dicks". He is often described as a fine pupper.

2p America is a pupper

As mentioned before, the American is usually depicted as a vote enthusiast due to his love for animals.

2p America is sometimes portrayed with a canadian or New York accent. (They're basically the Same place)

Common 2p! TraitsEdit

They just got different personalities u fuccen edge lords

[Previous editor is a major nerd, alert, previous editor is a nerd] [um fuck u u don't know my life dicks out for dicks]


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