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Known as the United States of America, dubbed as America.

His capital is Washington D.C. and he does not have an official language but speaks mostly English.

He resides in North America, bordering Canada and Mexico. The Pacific Ocean is on his west side, and the Atlantic ocean on his East side.

His start began with European Immigration, and the begining of the British Thirteen Colonies along the Atlantic coast. In 1776, he earned his Independence in the American Revolution, and was recognized in 1783. Driven by Manifest Destiny, he expanded towards the Pacific Ocean. In the half of the 19th century, he experienced the American Civil War. He had gained the west by the end of the century.

He initially did not enter World War 1, but by 1917 he joined the Allied Powers. He did not join the League of Nations by the end of the war.

In 1929, his economy crashed, one of the onsets of the Great Depression.

By the begining of World War 2, he initially remained neutral. He joined in 1941 as part of the Allies.

After World War 2, he entered the Cold War with Soviet Russia, which included the Arms Race. It ended in 1991 with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

In Hetalia, America is the youngest member of the Allies and the last one to enter WW2.

He is Canada's brother, and was once England's colony. However, colonial America rebelled and earned his independence during the American Revolutionary War, which created a rift in England and America's relationship.

Player 2Edit



2P!America is a fan interpretation of the Hetalia webcomic/anime character of "another color". His appearance is based off of that of his 2P! Nyotalia and his personality has not yet been officially set.

His human names used for him are most commonly Alfred Jones, Allen Jones, or Al Jones


His physical build is similar to his counterpart's. America has dark auburn hair, tan skin and blood red/ruby eyes. In several depictions, he is seen missing one of his top left incisors.

His clothing consists of a leather Bomber Jacket decorated with a red star on the front, a white shirt underneath it, denim pants, and red/white shoes.

In place of his counterpart's regular glasses, America occasionally wears sunglasses, either on his nose or on his head. Other times, he does not wear any eye wear.

He loves carrying around his nail filled baseball bat, which is used more for fighting than actual baseball, to make himself appear scary and threatening and has been seen with a gun strapped to his belt in several depictions.


2P! America has a far more delinquent attitude than his 1P! counterpart. He is actively portrayed as mischievous, cunning, somewhat hot-headed, street wise, and smug. He's quick to start a fight and doesn't know when to stay down. He's cocky and somewhat arrogant, but if you talk to him privately, he fairly soft-hearted with a love for animals. The love of animals influenced his vegan/vegetarian attitude, which most fans portray him as. He is also sometimes portrayed as a flirt; and calls almost anyone the nickname "Doll Face" or just "Doll." 

Sometimes he has personality shifts where he hates himself, and constantly points out his own flaws in that time period. During his emotional spurs, he harshly views himself and compares himself to other people, mostly 1p! America, and questions why 'Nobody likes him. 


Broadway musicals and animals are his primary interests. He enjoys the odd fight, particularly with his brother Canada, though mostly as a stress release for both of them. He doesn't like sugar like his counterpart (though he has a secret love for chocolate) and has a habit of making fun of him when 1p America is trying to lose weight. Sometimes in the fandom, he is considered to be vegan, which is when you don't eat/drink animal products. He also enjoys swearing though this is risky around Oliver. 

Common 2P!Traits Edit

It is common for the Player 2 to be portrayed as murderous, sociopathic and possibly insane. To most, they are a darker version of the original Nations. However, because the Original Nations can be portrayed the same way by the fandom, how much hold this has depends on the person making the story.

2P!America is known to pick fights often with his brother 2P!Canada. He is also portrayed as using a baseball bat with nails in it as a weapon.


There was a sketch released on Himaruya's blog of 2P! America. It was never official and did not become canon as the sketch was not finalized. The sketch was under the 2p!files. One concept is him with his normal hair, wearing a tank top and dog tags. He's wearing military pants and combat boots, with gloved hands holding a rifle, and what appears to be a military jacket. The other sketch is him wearing a formal suit and cape while holding a book.


2syokunoamerica (1)

The unfinalized sketch released on Himaruya's blog


-Artist Unknown

2p us by noceurduet-d4lhht0

-Artist Unknown

2p nyotalia america

2P! Nyotalia America

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