Austria isn't a Farley known or wrote about often so no one really knows to much about her though they know she raised north Italy along with the holy Roman empire with the help of Hungary

Looks:Austria is extemly beautiful she has black hair along with violet tip as long as her 1p.Her eyes are a very light gold much like 1p!Italy she also appears to have a very punkish style and probaly dosent care for classical

Personality:Austria is cold judgmental and rude she'll most likely have a killing spree if you annoy her to much

Likes:                                                                                                 -darkness                                                                                           -anything rock.                                                                                   -she seems to like hungry enough.                                                    -fem!2p!holy rome is like her child she loves with all her heart so when holy Rome had fallen it took her heart

Human name-Anellise Eldenstein 

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