2p liechtenstein by masterminddalek-d6s78k6

2p Liechtenstein aka Liliet Zwingli

2p Liechtenstein the neutral ass is a neutral and tsundere character , much like 1p switzerland.


2p Liechtenstein is shown wearing a green soldier shirt and green soldier pants, or a ace bandage around her chest with a green skirt with a buckle. she wears boots and is normally shown with a knife.


2p Liechtenstein is neutral, tsundere, just everything that !p switzerland is, which is a lot of things

Videos she appears in

there has never been an official 2ptalia movie but she does appear in the trailer, which means she will be appearing in the movie on the YT channel Artistic Vivi.
【 ヘタリア The Movie】Stuck Between Different Worlds 『Promotional Video』-000:37

【 ヘタリア The Movie】Stuck Between Different Worlds 『Promotional Video』-0

Name: Liliet Zwingli
Acts like: 1p Switzerland

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