aka Aqueal manira

  • I live in a wonderful planet called earth!
  • I was born on May 18
  • My occupation is I'm a blue troll with Sapphire blue upside down lightening shaped horns and my blood clolour is snow white!
  • I am I'm a female!
  • Moonstone15


    September 16, 2013 by Moonstone15

    2p! serenia is a charatar created by moonlightwolf15 for her fanfiction story on devianart

    she has the happy go lucky personality of 2p!england and goes by the name of lilian-amber.water lily her name, lillian in serenian means angel. unlike the other 2p's she believes that everything in life has a perpose, meaning only bad people should die. also unlike the 2p's she doesn't kill people.


    lillian is desribed as a girl looking exactaly like her counterpart, except she has redy orange hair tied up by a blue bow in a high pony ta, her eyes are a neon blue colour, she is always pictured in a alice in wonderland kind of dress but in a neon blue colour, a white frilly apron, white wrist gloves,a frilly white choker, knee high stockings and…

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