2p! serenia is a charatar created by moonlightwolf15 for her fanfiction story on devianart

she has the happy go lucky personality of 2p!england and goes by the name of lilian-amber.water lily her name, lillian in serenian means angel. unlike the other 2p's she believes that everything in life has a perpose, meaning only bad people should die. also unlike the 2p's she doesn't kill people.


lillian is desribed as a girl looking exactaly like her counterpart, except she has redy orange hair tied up by a blue bow in a high pony ta, her eyes are a neon blue colour, she is always pictured in a alice in wonderland kind of dress but in a neon blue colour, a white frilly apron, white wrist gloves,a frilly white choker, knee high stockings and black ballet flats.


lillian is just like 2p!england except for the part of him that kills and turns people into cupcakes. she loves to care for people and help.


2p!England-older brother

2p!Scotland-older brother

2p!Australia-older brother

2p!Wales-older brother

2p!Ireland-older brother

2p!Sealand-younger brother

2p!New Zealand-cousin


the 2p's- lillian became their friend after she came out of hiding, she used to be weak due to 2p!Italy beating her up alot.

1p!serenia- lillian found her counterpart when she wished for a friend while she was hiding she found her counter part, Kaitlyn when looking in her mirror, kaitlyn felt sorry for how lonely she was and became her first friend. but liilian's happiness wasn't to last because after kaitlyn agreed the mirror only show lillian her reflection.




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