2P!Vietnam is a fandom interpretation of the Hetalia webcomic/anime character of "another color."

One versionEdit

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She is often called Hong Lien. Notice: In this version, we are using Deviantart user "meocherry's" depiction of 2P!Vietnam.


Vietnam has short dark brown hair which is notably longer on her left side (right from the audience perspective) and she keeps it held back with three red hair-clips. Her eyes are usually portrayed as either golden-honey or red. She wears a red jacket, inside is a white no-sleeve shirt and finally a yellow T-shirt. She wears long blue trousers but she usually folds it up to the knee. She always has a small first aid kit in her jacket and some small weapons like a dagger.


She appears to be a cheerful character, most fan-arts have her with a cheerful smile. She is considered a person with a great love for money, much like 2P!China. Some fan-fics on Quotev depict her as a sadist. Said fan-fics also say that she is extremely strong and, much like Oliver, sweet on the outside but hiding something on the inside.

She is a noticeably good chef and enjoys cooking, but is lazy most of the time. Her hobbies include using machinery, and she spends most of her free time training/going on killing sprees or surfing the web.

 Common 2P!TraitsEdit

Sometimes she is drawn with a small saw and a long leather wire.

Another versionEdit

Her human name is Ánh.


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She tends to keep her hair down, her physical traits not straying far from her 1P! counterpart. 2P!Vietnam's outfit is pink and reveals more than her normal green áo dài.


One personality is more meek and fragile than her 1P! counterpart. She is confident in her body and labels herself attractive not having a problem with anyone taking photos.

Another less common personality however, is completely the opposite. Punkish and rude, she cusses and tries to be as wild as she can. It's very much like the punk personality some people prefer on 2P!Japan. Also very headstrong, careless, and in some cases, actually seeks out pain. This is the personality for the people who prefer the direct opposites of the 1P! in the 2P! version.

Common 2P!TraitsEdit

She is not a very well developed character in Hetalia. Other violent tendencies aren't being shown/discussed within the fandom.